Are you tired of the online dating game? You wait for him or her to wink at you, then you wink back, they say "hello", you say "hi". They tell you that your profile looks interesting and that you have a lot in common.  And then you slowly await their next response which can lead to 15-20 emails before they ask for your phone number to text, not call you.

You FINALLY speak on the phone and decide to meet. The pressure builds as you anticipate the date. Will you like him or her? Will they think you are cute? Will they look older than their photos? Will there be awkward silence? Who will pay, or should you go dutch?

At this point your hopes are higher than they should be because it seems that all those wonderful statements in your date’s online profile are only half truths. You are starting to realise that many people’s perception of themselves hardly matches the actual person they are. As soon as you sit down to meet him or her, BAM, you find out in the first three minutes you would never be interested in dating this man or woman, let alone spend the next excruciating hour with them.

Inevitably you chalk it up to making a new friend except you really never become friends because one person is usually interested and one person is not.

On a SinglesCruising sailing, you get to skip the whole "smoke and mirrors" act of who these people think they are and you get to actually meet them right away! You'll be able to tell if you have chemistry with a person as soon as you look into their eyes - and most everyone agrees that you need to have chemistry in order to start a relationship.

A singles cruise is the perfect environment to get to know a person’s real "profile" by actually spending time getting to know them, and seeing how they treat you and others in the group. What a concept - meeting the person before you decide to date them - it’s brilliant!

If you don’t feel the chemistry with someone, you might have just made a new travel buddy or met a useful networking contact.  You will be having so much fun meeting different men and women that you are sure to leave your vacation with many happy memories and some new friends. 

In fact, SinglesCruising has a 60% return customer rate because guests find they can easily connect with the other single professionals onboard who love to travel as much as they do.

Now that’s the way to date. No pressure, no email, and no text messaging - actually meeting interesting and approachable singles face to face in a fun and relaxed setting. The only games you will be playing with the other guests are on the beach volleyball court or in the cruise ship’s casino!