If you’re intrigued by the thought of travelling and meeting new friends, or are simply looking for an alternative to travelling on your own, a singles cruise is for you!

A singles cruise allows you to meet and share your holiday with other unattached travel companions, while cruising to beautiful and exotic destinations.

Once you're onboard the ship and about to join your first singles orientation mixer, what’s the best way to interact with the other singles in the group? For the answer we went to SinglesCruise.com’s lead cruise director Shelby Bergeron. Shelby oversees 15-20 singles cruises a year, and arranges a variety of activities and events onboard to get the singles in the group happily mixing and mingling together.

Shelby’s top ten tips for making connections with other travellers onboard your singles cruise are:

1. Look your absolute best and be on time for the mixer so you can get into the flow of the party quickly.

2. Be approachable, open and responsive when joining any event or party.   

3. Say "Hi" quickly and ask your neighbor’s name. Use pleasantries. Be interested in the person you are speaking to at the moment.

4. Keep the conversation light and easy. Ask questions about restaurants, favorite hobbies, work or what they enjoy doing in their free time.

5. Allow opportunities to be presented to you. If you are not overly interested in the person you are speaking to, they could have a friend, acquaintance or co-worker that they might want to introduce you to in the future. Put your best foot forward.

6. For the ladies: Wear a necklace, scarf, jewelery, a pendant or a special colour that someone might compliment to help conversations begin.

7. For the men: Wear a nice shirt, watch, shoes, a fun tie and cologne. The ladies notice your efforts!

8. Chat about travel. A great light-hearted topic of conversation perfect for mingling on a singles cruise is asking other singles about vacations. Find out where they went on their last vacation, or if they have a special adventure coming up? Ask if they have ever tried a singles vacation before? Travel is a fun topic to discuss and share experiences.

9. Try a new activity together to break the ice and give you something fun to talk about. Attend a singles beach party onshore, zipline through the jungle together, or kayak with a group through the warm South Pacific waters.    

10. Relax and be yourself and others will want to get to know you.

A singles cruise is a great opportunity to get you and other unmarried adults out of their normal routine at home, and into a fun new experience where you can meet new people in a comfortable and relaxed setting and perhaps even make a romantic connection.