Why Cruise With Us

More Than Just A Cruise Holiday!

This isn't a traditional cruise. With SinglesCruising, you'll enjoy a unique and exciting holiday experience travelling alongside people just like you! Explore beautiful destinations all over the world while gaining friendships with other fun-loving single adults.

So what does a singles cruise entail? Why not just go on a regular cruise?

SinglesCruising is different because...

Our groups are dedicated to singles

On a "regular" cruise, you may meet a few singles here and there on the ship, but you won’t be guaranteed a fun group of unattached adults you can hang out with. Our guests always tell us how nice it is to see friendly faces from our group out and about on the ship, and to have some new friends to hit the beach or take a snorkelling tour with.

While we have lots of fun and exclusive singles activities planned for you, participation is always optional. Our singles are free to socialise as much as they please or they can simply relax and enjoy their independence. Our SinglesCruising group sizes are typically around 40-100 people - the perfect size to develop lots of friendships but not get lost in the crowd!

It's low pressure

Our singles are not all necessarily looking for love – many are simply looking for new friends to travel with. The benefit of booking with SinglesCruising is that you'll get to enjoy an exciting cruise holiday and at the same time, meet and travel with a large number of single adults. We all know how hard it is to match up your holiday time with your friends and family, so we offer an easy way for you to travel on your own, but not be on your own.

It's super easy & super fun

You have a dedicated host along for the ride to organise all the activities, create fun and relaxed opportunities for you to meet others in our group, answer any questions you may have and keep the holiday vibe going throughout the cruise. All you need to do is bring your suitcase and your quest for adventure!

We can find you a roommate

One of the exclusive benefits of travelling with SinglesCruising is that we will match you with a roommate to make your trip more pleasurable and affordable. Our team aims to match you with a roommate of the same gender and age range and we encourage all single travellers to take advantage of this complimentary service.

Not only does sharing a cabin allow you to meet a new travel companion in our group right away, but it also saves you money on the double occupancy cabin rate. Many of the roommates we pair up end up being great friends!

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